Marion True, ex-Getty Curator, No Longer Facing Trial

Ms. True, who was tried by the Italian state for her acquisition practices while head curator at the Getty Villa, has finally gotten a break!  The 10 year statute of limitations for a conspiracy case came and went July 11 and her case was thrown out.  The fact that the government couldn’t get it’s act together to try her within 10 years is in itself an indictment of the country’s broken legal system.  True, who made efforts while curator to improve the museum’s acquisitions standards and returned objects that were proved to be stolen, was used in Italy’s power play to get objects returned to set an example.  It was a very effective scare tactic which signaled to American curators that they individually could have their careers and finances ruined if they did not comply with the Italian government wishes for returned objects.  Her practices were not unique, and in fact were better than average, but she was picked out to set an example.   Italy has achieved the return of it’s objects, the question is what it will do with them now.


About projectpatrimonio

Helena Boyden Lamb, born 1985 in New York, has studied and worked in Politics, Heritage Ethics and Politics, and Opera Singing. Most recently, she is working in Brussels where she started in a European Think Tank and is now the Executive Office of a NGO which facilitates Youth Politics across the EU. She has a Bachelor with Honors from Stanford University, California in Classics: Politics and Heritage and a Masters with Honors from the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK in European Identity. She has conducted academic or independent grant-funded research in the UK, France, Italy, Greece, Russia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, and Albania. She was, previously, an archaeologist and an opera singer. Cynthia Querio is a Museum Educator currently living and working in Los Angeles. She is interested in heritage and identity politics and the role of museum education departments in the trajectory of this debate. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a 9 month graduate internship at the Getty Villa's education department and has continued to work in many museums in Los Angeles including LACMA and the Autry National Center. Her academic background is in the Classics, which was her major at Stanford University and which she continued to pursue with a Masters in the History of Classical Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art.
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