New Media Highlighting Objects — BBC Podcast

What a great use of the new media that is available today!  This project being undertaken by the British Museum allows the public a closer look at objects in the museum and tells the complex history of the world through close observation of specific objects.  Each segment runs 10 to 15 minutes and highlights the perspectives not only of art history experts but contemporary artists in the same media and individuals from the nations.

Of particular interest to the questions of heritage are the objects which highlight how these objects are being reclaimed by contemporary nations to solidify their identity.   For example, is the 24th installment about the Paracas textile.  Neil MacGregor, the director of the British Museum and narrator of the series, touches on how this ancient object plays into todays politics.  At the end, MacGregor says, “It’s not just designers who see them as having significant potential today, so do politicians. These textiles are now seen literally as part of the fabric of the nation and in contemporary Peru there is a determined effort to revitalize these traditional weaving and sewing practices in order to connect modern Peruvians directly to their ancient, indigenous and non-European past.”

This series not only addresses the significance of these objects to their nations of origin but to those who have visited the British Museum over the years.


About projectpatrimonio

Helena Boyden Lamb, born 1985 in New York, has studied and worked in Politics, Heritage Ethics and Politics, and Opera Singing. Most recently, she is working in Brussels where she started in a European Think Tank and is now the Executive Office of a NGO which facilitates Youth Politics across the EU. She has a Bachelor with Honors from Stanford University, California in Classics: Politics and Heritage and a Masters with Honors from the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK in European Identity. She has conducted academic or independent grant-funded research in the UK, France, Italy, Greece, Russia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, and Albania. She was, previously, an archaeologist and an opera singer. Cynthia Querio is a Museum Educator currently living and working in Los Angeles. She is interested in heritage and identity politics and the role of museum education departments in the trajectory of this debate. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a 9 month graduate internship at the Getty Villa's education department and has continued to work in many museums in Los Angeles including LACMA and the Autry National Center. Her academic background is in the Classics, which was her major at Stanford University and which she continued to pursue with a Masters in the History of Classical Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art.
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